Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Technology. . .

Isn't it great!

I still feel yucky today but I have friends coming over from the MOMS Club to do a Bible study. This is the last week so I feel compelled not to cancel. I have enjoyed leading this study. I have gotten to know some of the moms who participated better, especially those who are new to the Club. I am going to lead another study, but we need to decide if we’re going to continue through the summer or take a break. I prefer to go through the summer, but that means more people in my house since school will be ending soon! Whatever is decided, we are going to study “Lies Women Believe and the Truths that Set them Free” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I did this study about 3 years ago and it’s awesome. I look forward to going through it with the Club; it will be very beneficial for all, I hope.

Our home computer is broken so I am forced to rely on TJ’s old laptop. I hate laptops, in particular the lack of a mouse, and pray TJ finds time to fix ours. He has meetings in Charlotte tonight after work so I know I’ll be stuck at least another day on this crummy thing. The ‘G’ key is broken and keeps falling off- it’s definitely seen better days! I am counting my blessings, though, and am thankful to at least have this to check my email. I’d be lost without email! Unfortunately for me, I keep everything in the computer such as addresses, phone numbers, and my family calendar. I have no idea what appointments we have and have no way of accessing the information. Thankfully I got a reminder call for Ta’s appointment tomorrow. It just stinks because I have Mother’s Day cards that I need to mail but have no way of getting the address. I can’t call because I don’t have the phone number written down (it’s on the computer, remember!) and the recipients don’t have email. I’ll have to go the old fashioned route and call everyone I know to get the addresses I need. I have definitely learned a lesson- don’t rely on the computer!

It’s time to finish getting ready for Bible study. T.G. is waking and she needs to get changed. Have a blessed day!

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