Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back

I have had such a great morning despite the bickering between the boys. We went over to a friend’s house from church so I could get some godly parenting advice and tips. This woman also has 2 boys who are 2 years apart, and since they are older than mine, she knows exactly what I’m dealing with because she has experienced it with her own children. Additionally, she just recently resigned as the nursery coordinator for our church, so she knows my children extremely well and was able to provide me with some sound advice based on their personalities.

I wrote before that I am doing a personal Bible study, and I have been convicted of my sins as a parent since the first page. She did the same study and encouraged me to keep going. She was such a huge blessing to me today, and I am so thankful to have such godly influences in my life. As I was leaving her house, I told her how much I appreciated her time. I honestly have already begun to put into practice some of what I learned today, and I am excited about the changes I am going to make as both a mom and wife.

TJ had to work yesterday so the kids and I went swimming. It takes an extremely long time to get 3 kids ready for the pool, but we had a good time. The funny thing is Ta and T.G. both wear the same size swim diaper. They could actually wear the same size regular diaper except I refuse to have them share. It’s just something about having my 6-month- old and 2-year-old both wearing size 4- I don’t think Ta would appreciate that! My neighbor happened to be at the pool so she helped me control them. Ta is fearless and Th is fearful. . . until he gets used to the water. Then, he is just as fearless as Ta, although unlike Ta, he is cautious. He will at least jump straight out into the water instead of trying to go backwards! I dread the day I go up there and I don’t know anyone- so far we’ve known people every time and they’ve been a huge help with the kids.

Next week is our last week swimming before Vacation Bible School. We’ll still swim during VBS, just not as much. VBS is exhausting, and I am helping to teach the 5th & 6th grade boys. I know when we get home each day we’ll all be worn out and need a nap!

I am glad my brother is coming down to help with VBS. I will get to spend some time with him, and he will get to spend some time around other godly children. I am also planning to use him to help me with the kids. They adore him and are looking forward to playing with him. He’ll be with us until we go to the Outer Banks (OBX) the end of June. We are all excited about that vacation!!

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Carole said...

I hope that the VBS goes well and that the kids there really have a chance to develop a personal relationship with Christ. Parenting is hard...and it sounds like you have alot of awesome support. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family...