Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Some days I think I’ve lost my mind completely. Today is one of those days. My sister-in-law told me of this place that takes pictures with live rabbits for Easter for a very reasonable price. I called last week and scheduled an appointment to have the 3 kids get their picture taken with the bunnies. The appointment was today at 11:15AM, and Ta woke extremely early, so it was a blessing when he willingly laid down for a morning nap at 8:45AM. I thought things would go relatively easy since he was well-rested, the baby had just nursed, and Th is 4 ½.

Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Have you tried to get a 4 ½ year old to hold a 4 month old without slouching and complaining? Today, I tried it! It didn’t go so well! Plus, the bunnies kept jumping out of their basket, and Ta, being the ever-so-gentle child that he is, thought that meant they wanted to be held (smothered is more accurate!). Prying those furry things out of his hand was no small feat, plus, once again the baby was screaming because she wasn’t “latched on” to her Mommy!

The photographer was great, but her assistant wasn’t so helpful. In fact, he was very grumpy. After all 3 kids were crying, we decided not to push them for their final pose. I did get a cute picture of the 3 of them, which was the goal in the first place, so overall I’m happy. Of course, as I look at the preview of it, Th is slouching and there's a slight frown on his face. But for $14.95, can I complain?!

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