Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here I Go!

Without going into all the details, I know of a woman named Carole who has a blog and I read it as often as I can. Her family has been through, and continues to live through, a horrible experience. Because of it, I like to read about her daily ups and downs. Anyway, TJ found me once again reading Carole's blog and asked if I'd like one. I was quick to say no, but then after thinking about it, I changed my mind. The computer is where I spend many hours working on homework assignments and checking my email. But, as Carole has shown me, it can also be used as an outlet, and I need an outlet to remember God's goodness! So, here it is- my first blog entry. I hope this will meet my needs and satisfy your curiosity. It won't be anything extravagant but it will provide you with an inside look into my life as a wife, mom, student, friend, etc. I hope you come back soon!

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